Self driving car technology is one of the most exciting tech frontiers of our time. The advances over the next twenty years have the ability to change our day-to-day lives in a different, but just as impactful way as the smartphone has.

“Cities may look drastically different. Sidewalks could go away, as pedestrians and cars share the roads. There will be no street parking, just parking garages outside of city centers. And traffic signs and infrastructure may disappear — replaced with smaller, cheaper equipment that only needs to communicate with cars.”

The complete timeline to self-driving cars · Self-driving cars are coming. The question is when and how.

What a great implementation of an immersive experience this WTC elevator ride is. The way the landscape changes seamlessly before you, right up to the new tower being built around the elevator you’re standing in is perfectly executed. I’m also a fan of the clear yet subtle floor and year indicators.

One World Trade Center Elevator Ride Show Animated New York Skyline From 1500s To Now · Sky pods show rise of New York skyline from 1500s till now on time-lapse rocket ride to trade center's top. An imposingly realistic vision of 2 World Trade C...

Who at Samsung thought it was a good idea to ship a $6,000 fridge with a huge built-in touchscreen that does nothing better than the phone in my pocket? It has cameras inside to show you what’s in the fridge… on the screen.

Just in case you love the idea of standing at your fridge browsing the web, there’s also a built in web browser. Samsung needs to take a step back here and decide where the line is between “can build it”, and “should build it”.

Samsung's Family Hub Smart Fridge is crazy · This fridge has a giant touch screen you can shop from. It costs $6,000.

Context aware wearables is a really interesting idea. You’re stripping away layers of user interface on the device, and replacing it with our natural real world interactions. To be truly useful I think wearables have to go beyond being another screen to tap on.

Making wearables more useful and smart homes less of a chore · Wearables might be set to get a whole lot more useful in future if research being conducted by Carnegie Mellon University’s Future Interfaces Group is..

I’m in exactly the same boat, I’m using Google Maps, Calendar, Inbox, Play, Docs, Gboard, and Chrome.

The only Apple apps I still use are Messages and Photos. I have Google Photos on my list to try next, I’m hearing great things about its ability to search your library.

With its new keyboard, Google has colonized every major function of my iPhone · I downloaded the new Gboard for iOS today, and have been really enjoying it so far. Along with wondering about what Google will tell advertisers now that they can read every single thing I type, I...