Launching Calypso

Today we announced a new dashboard we’ve been working on for some time at Automattic. We’ve codenamed it Calypso, and it’s written entirely in JavaScript and powered by the API. It’s being used by millions of people as the new, and it’s completely open source. Calypso has been more than eighteen months […]

JavaScript Swipe Cards UX

When using the web we’re all used to the classic scrolling experience, where we scroll a long page until we reach the end or get bored. What if instead we scrolled screen-by-screen like some of the best native reader apps? I worked on a proof of concept JavaScript card swiping UX that offers a similar […]

JavaScript Pull to Refresh for the Web

Across many native mobile apps you’ll see an interaction that allows you to pull down a list to refresh its contents. This is commonly know as “pull to refresh”, and I set out to try and build a native-like JavaScript equivalent for the web. There are a few solutions already out there if you try […]

Building a Smooth Sliding Mobile Menu

It’s possible to create user interface animations in the browser that are as buttery smooth as native app animations. There are a few important techniques that you’ll need to know in order to achieve that level of performance. This site is built to be responsive, meaning when you size down your browser window or visit […]